Hamptons Dining Room

Hampton style dining room inspiration to create a space that brings living to life

The Hampton style has captured the hearts and minds of Australians to choose as their interior design style, especially in their dining rooms. The style is a celebration of refined seaside relaxation, creating a haven to gather family, entertain friends and reconnect with the natural elements. OneWolrd Collection has a wide range of dining room products which will enable you to create an elegant, impressive and inviting ambiance.

Clean and bright, white is the perfect choice with an infusion of timber tones.

Effortlessly classy, white will naturally complement any accent colour and make your room feel bigger and more spacious. By combining all shades of beige with white as the primary colour, the design becomes more balanced. Muted natural colours will bring an air of warmth and comfort to the interior. At the same time, accents of a darker range, as well as decorative finishes in bronze, copper, gold will perfectly complement the crisp and clean appearance of white with a touch of timber.

Make an exquisite statement with your table

Your dining room table should be the centrepoint for the space, creating a warm and intimate setting for you and your family and friends to enjoy. You can opt for a fully wooden finish or clean white lines, however if you can’t choose between the two you can combine these beautiful tones together and compliment with OneWorld Collection of dining room chairs.

Chairs with an air of sophistication

Stunning dining chairs made of natural timber or rattan are perfect for a Hamptons dining room. With their elegant textures and comfortable seats these chairs serve not only as functional furniture, but also as a spectacular decoration of the room when you add an infusion of colour. Sophisticated and grandeur designs will give the room a luxurious feel.

Perfect lighting brings the design to life

Having the right lighting is essential when designing a Hampton style dining room. It is crucial that there is lots of natural light during the day, and after dark there should be bright lamps to create a comfortable atmosphere. There is nothing like a pendant light right above the table to decorate the space in a very elegant manner. Hamptons style is known for its lavish, dramatic chandeliers that become a focal point of the room. In addition, oversized table lamps or free standing lights can accentuate the lighting by complementing the style of the room.

Simplicity with aristocratic flair

The Hamptons style dining room combines elements of sophisticated elegance, relaxation and freedom. It is also characterised by luxury, which embraces the main principles of the style. Dining room decor in the Hamptons is full of simplicity and harmony that emphasises the Hamptons' connection to nature and classical style. Its geometric shapes and smooth lines create a room full of ambience that will be enjoyed by all and leave an everlasting impression.

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