Wholesale FAQ's

Q : Am I able to cancel my order?

A : Your order cannot be cancelled. Once it has been placed, we assume this decision is final. In rare cases where an order must be cancelled, OneWorld requires written confirmation, which must be received prior to the packing of your goods.

Q : Where can I view the whole product range?

A : Our product range is available for viewing in each of our showrooms. Product ranges may vary across each of these locations. You can find your nearest showroom by clicking on the Retail Showrooms link on the naivigation bar above. 

Q : Will I be notified prior to the delivery of my backorder?

A : We provide our customers with a backorder report every month, which indicates all incoming shipment dates for ordered items. As a result, OneWorld will not contact you to advise of shipment of your backorder, and it will be your responsibility to advise us of backorder cancellations in writing.

Q : Do you charge freight on backorders?

A : Yes, all deliveries from OneWorld will include freight charges, based on the cubic metre of the goods shipped. If you only have half the volume of your delivery shipped initially, you will only incur half of the freight charges.

Q : What are your freight costs?

A : Our freight charges are calculated based on the exact volume of your shipment, as shipped directly to the provided location. We only charge you exactly as we are quoted by our nominated courier, and do not profit from this transaction. Please advise us if you would like to receive a freight quote prior to delivery.

Q : Can you drop-ship (deliver goods directly to my customer)?

A : As a wholesaler, our courier agreement is business-to-business, so our goods can only be delivered between Monday and Friday, 9am - 5pm. If you wish to have your goods delivered to a non-business address, please note that our couriers do not deliver within specifically requested timeframes, and do not call prior to delivery. Couriers are not required to assist with the unpacking of your goods, nor assist with moving or placing heavy items.

Q : Can I return goods?

A : You may return unsuitable items within 14 days of purchase. You may return goods if you deem they are unsuitable, and will incur a restocking charge of up to 15% of the value of the order. The goods must arrive to our warehouse in their original condition and packaging.

Please note that no credits, refunds or exchange are offered on sale items.

***If you have any questions that are not listed above, please feel free to use our contact form, and we will respond to your request as promptly as possible***


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