Hamptons Style 5 Ideas

5 ideas of sophisticated yet simple Hampton's style home interiors

There is no other style than the Hampton that could harmoniously mix lightness and simplicity of minimalism with the sophistication and luxury of classics. It is the perfect style to create an atmosphere of elegance along with comfort; with natural colours, soft furnishings and stylish accessories.  It bewitches with its beauty and makes anyone who has ever seen a room in this style fall in love.

The pure beauty of the white bedroom

White is the main colour of the Hampton style, setting the overall mood throughout the home, visually enlarging the space and adding a touch of cleanliness and freshness. It always goes well with classic furniture, and emphasises its beauty, making the room feel peaceful and harmonious. Adding accessories with an infusion of colour brings out the splendour of the white while creating necessary ambience in the bedroom.

Light and fresh living room design

Looking at this large bright living room, you immediately get a feeling of spaciousness and homely comfort. The sun's rays freely enter through the large floor-length windows, filling the room with light and warmth. All interior details are harmoniously combined with each other not only in colour but also in texture. The pattern on the cushions intertwines with the designs of lamps and decorative vases, while the exquisite weaving of rattan furniture is accentuated by the austere design of the rugs. Green plants become not only magnificent interior decorations but also bright accents that fill the room with natural energy.

Elegant and functional kitchen decor

The yellow and white colour scheme in which the kitchen is decorated adds warmth and comfort to the interior as if filling the room with sunlight. The snow-white facades of kitchen furniture visually increase the space, filling the room with air and creates a feeling of freshness. The main focus is on the original pendant lamps and rattan wicker bar stools which bring individuality to the design. This kitchen is filled with an elegant and timeless aura, which can be created with OneWorld Collection Hamptons range.

Beautiful shades of blue in the bathroom

The Hampton style is inspired by the nature of the seaside and blue is one of the main colours in the palette. Classic furniture in blue shades looks stunning against the snow-white walls and gives the room a feeling of lightness and marine freshness. The original mix of textures emphasises the individuality of the design and adds a unique charm. A large mirror, a wide sink and an impressive bathtub are essential elements of the design because Hampton is all about luxury - which can be found at OneWorld Collection.

Elegance and sophistication of classic Hamptons dining room

The Hampton style of interior design is an eclectic mix of old and new, classic and modern, with elegant wooden furniture. Which brings beauty in its simplicity and an infusion of colour, that can create warmth and freshness. A stunning chanderlier from OneWorld Collection can embrace the graceful lines and rounded shapes of the furniture, complimenting the desired space to entertain.

It is easy to understand why the Hamptons style holds a special place in our hearts amidst a sea of interior styles that come and go with the tides. Despite all the luxury and sophistication, the style is distinguished by its comfort, practicality and functionality. It is all about elegance and simplicity that makes this interior style so timeless and adorable.

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