Hamptons Style Sofas & Lounges

No matter what interior design you have, a living room is not complete without a sofa. Combining OneWorld Collection and Hampton’s style sofa and lounges is a perfect way to create a coherent feeling and elegant design. Choosing the right sofa or lounge with a cozy and modern style might be challenging, but it is possible with OneWorld Collection. Your home should look like a sanctuary from a busy world, and we're here to help you create a calming and stylish atmosphere.

How to Pick the Perfect Hamptons Style Sofa

The Hamptons style is still one of the most popular ones around the world as it elevates a physical space and creates a stylish look to it. Our Hampton's sofas & Hampton’s style lounge are covered in soft natural fabrics and provide the comfort of classic designs with neutral upholstery, button-tufted leather and bright velour as options. This collection offers a mixture of different styles, colours, materials and seaters options for you to choose from.

Discover why our Avalon and Bondi are the go to for those looking for comfort and elegant style. Classic designs with modern living in mind, these versatile sofas are perfect for large open spaces or for more compact apartment living. Our comfy two-seater fabric sofas would match any lounge room, no matter the style. We offer sofas in a selection of beautiful colours that will suit any home interior, including chic charcoal, natural tan and grey or navy options. The seat cushions and Italian leather add an elegant charm and are perfect for relaxation, making it a perfect combination.

On the other hand, three-seater sofas are the way to go for more comfort and space to relax. This selection includes sofas with a variety of fabrics, such as leather and rattan, which are handcrafted for your comfort, giving a feel of elegance and high quality. Size is not the only great thing about these space-saving sofas, but an offer of supreme comfort and a sense of a designer’s touch. Our Hamptons sofa collection comes with a variety of options for fabrics and stylish details, including chic cushions and leather or velour upholstery. Discover your unique personality in couch form and give a creative touch to your living room!

The Perfect Addition to your Hamptons Style Lounge

When it comes to a range of nice coffee tables, our offered selection offers everything you might think of. At OneWorld Collection, we provide many different options for you to choose from, regardless of your home interior design. Some coffee tables come with built-in area storage space, so you can place magazines for your guests to enjoy and store little things. Our variety of iconic, easy-to-use coffee tables are available for your home today to perfectly complement your Hamptons Style Lounge Room. Speaking of other types of furniture, we offer a great selection of Hampton chairs in different styles, covered in various fabrics and materials. Our range delivers a great choice of classy, elegant chairs and armchairs for you to add to your lounge room that will give an impression of timeless style and peace.

Cozy Ambience in the Living Room

Aside from our Hamptons style sofas, we are also known for the wide range of interior furniture that attracts the interest of homeowners and sophisticated interior lovers. Our Hamptons living room furniture collection will bring a modern feel to your living room area. Every inch of this furniture exudes the beauty and timelessness that can attract a lot of attention from your guests. Our dining tables have a sophisticated style and are suitable for dinner parties or a family-friendly hub. 

Our products are made to create a pleasant dining experience, which you will surely appreciate. Imagine enjoying your favourite wine glass along with your friends while sitting on the super comfortable Hampton bar stools. All of our items are made of high-quality materials and wood, so that you can use the furniture for long years to come.

Buy your Hamptons Lounge & Sofas at OneWorld Collection

It is important to have a nice place where you would want to relax after a long and busy day. Let your living room dwell on the timeless aesthetics of our couches, chairs and others! We have a great collection of Hampton style sofas, lounges, Hamptons couches and armchairs and other interior furniture for you to improve your house. For any questions, email us at customercare@oneworldcollection.com.au. Subscribe to our newsletter to enjoy 20% off on your first purchase.