Hamptons Style Furniture: The Australian Adaptation

The Hamptons style of furniture is an interior design concept that’s made waves in Australia for several years now. This unique style reflects the relaxed, coastal lifestyle of the Hamptons in Long Island, New York, and has become increasingly popular in Australian homes. But how did this style come about, and how does it differ from the Hamptons style furniture found in the USA? Let's explore!

How is the Hamptons Style used in Australia?

The Hamptons style of furniture in Australia draws inspiration from the traditional American Hamptons style, but incorporates a more relaxed, coastal vibe. This style evolved as Australian homeowners began embracing the light, bright and airy aesthetic of coastal living. The Australian Hamptons style often features a neutral colour palette of whites and blues, natural materials, such as rattan and linen, and an overall feeling of relaxed elegance.

How does American Hamptons differ?

In contrast, the Hamptons style furniture in the USA is characterised by its sophistication. The American Hamptons style draws inspiration from traditional American architecture and designs and is often described as classic, timeless and luxurious. Furniture pieces are usually made from high-quality materials such as mahogany, cherry, or maple, and features clean lines, simple shapes, and classic detailing.

Use of Colour

One of the main differences between the Hamptons style furniture in Australia and the USA is the use of colour. While the American Hamptons style centres around a colour palette of whites, cream, and beige, Australian Hamptons interiors often feature more muted tones of blues, greys, and natural finishes. This reflects the relaxed, coastal atmosphere that Australians seek to evoke in their homes.

Stylistic Differences

Another difference between the Hamptons style furniture in Australia and the USA is the way in which it is styled. American Hamptons interiors are often adorned with statement pieces and bold accents, such as ornate chandeliers or vibrant rugs. Australian Hamptons style tends to be more understated, with an emphasis on creating an inviting, cosy space.

When it comes to furniture pieces, both the Australian and American Hamptons styles share common elements such as upholstered sofas, rattan armchairs, raw timber dining tables and natural finishes. Australian Hamptons interiors often incorporate more Australian-made furniture pieces that reflect a relaxed Australian lifestyle, such as woven reed bedheads, cane cupboards,  and white-washed pine bookshelves and bar stools.


There you have it, the Australian Hamptons style of furniture is a unique take on the traditional American Hamptons style. This coastal-inspired interior design trend has become increasingly popular in Australia due to its relaxed, sophisticated, and airy aesthetic which is perfect for the Australian lifestyle. Overall, the Hamptons style of furniture is a timeless and versatile design that can be adapted to suit any home, whether you are looking for a classic or a more relaxed look. With the newfound knowledge, get designing!

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