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Create the perfect ambience in your home with OneWorld Collection

Sometimes, the smallest change makes a big difference. That’s why something as simple as placing a black coffee table next to your white sofa can truly transform the overall look of the room. A centrepiece for your living room, a black coffee table is as versatile as it is adaptable. Consider a refined Hampton-style coffee table to highlight the living area or an elegant glass table with black edging to blend with the rest of the room in a modern home.

Combining the best of luxury design with intricate craftsmanship, our gorgeous coffee tables would fit into the living space of a range of interior styles; from classic to Hamptons styles luxury to minimalistic modern. Whether you prefer fluid lines or sharp edges, our styles are as plentiful as the materials they are made with. From timber and marble to iron and glass - all of OneWorld's coffee tables are made with unmatched quality, designed to last for years.

With their simple, minimal and elegant appearance, our black coffee tables will add that touch of grace and timeless beauty to your living room. Yet they are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also functional, making your sitting area more comfortable and inviting, so you can enjoy a well earned aperitif with your guests and family members.

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